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" Live Today, Shape the Future "

The 14 bremboy principles

By Bhrem Necio posted September 23, 2019

We live in a time when everyone has the right to speak at the podium of cyberspace.

A world in a time where everything that needs to be said has been iterated and examined over and over again.

In no aspects of this life can we say that when we fail, " look, here is the culprit! " or " there is the true cause! ".

We are all but left to deal alone with ourselves against our own chaos.

Here at bremboy, we summed up all human experiences and extracted the crucible.

We abide by it day in and day out, engraving them into the tablets of our hearts.

So without any further volitions, we deliver you the 14 bremboy principles.

1. Uncompetingly competent.

At bremboy, the only people we compete with is ourselves. While others might try to bring us down, we endure taking blows from others. The saying throwing back a bread in return for a stone is one of our core beliefs.

2. Clings on Inspiration.

Inspiration which etymologically means ' God-breathed' is the force that drives us from within. Without it, our work's accomplishments are only like the clamorous sound produced by empty containers - irritatingly loud, empty and harbors strife among others.

With inspiration we are able to work with passion and fulfillment which is crucial to our soul and well being.

3. Are wrong most of the time.

"To err is human" and plainly - we are humans. We do not hypocritically crucify others when they commit a mistake. All of us have done the same.

We put a high premium on people not businesses because we believe that when life is valued first, the rest follow suit.

All these stresses and strains we incur upon ourselves is because we pretend to be strong when the truth is, if alone, we are weak.

We can't live another day being guilty of trying to be who we are not. Instead, we constantly put ourselves into scrutiny and slowly figure out a way of overcoming our weaknesses.

Having said all that, we are somehow hopeful that tomorrow we can be able to deal with others better than we have done yesterday. 

4. Carefully Stubborn.

Bremboy beings are free-spirited people. We speak and do dead straight from our mind and heart. With this character, sometimes we are at an offense but when we do, we regret and apologize. 

We believe that perfection hinges not on not doing wrong but on accepting who we are and what we can do with it to be able to produce value to others.

5. Attentive and Reflective.

Sometimes, problems arise out of being unable to control the situation for lack of appropriate attention. War is a state of chaos but executions in war is one of complete order and calmness.

At bremboy, we struggle to keep ourselves compose all the time whether in time of prosperity or tribulation. 

There can be no daunting chaos in the outside that can compare to the chaos that takes place in the bossom of a person.

6. Code oriented.

Everything in the world is made out of codes including us people. Different codes produce different kinds of value.

To be able to truly live a worthy life, we spend every waking hours mining and discovering these codes, building on them and merging with it with the others. 

As an illustration, carbon makes up both charcoal and diamond - they only differ in configuration. And in a worldly sense, diamonds are much more valuable than charcoal.

Here at bremboy however, we can treat both of them equal as long as they perform the task through which they are made for.

So what we mean is a person can turn from carbon into diamond with a change of attitude and perception just as a charcoal can change into a diamond with the tweak in configuration.

Regardless however, the world reserves a place for both of them because as the nature needed diversity to survive, so are we in our organization. 

7. We take to give, we give to take.

The wheel that keeps our organization running is the strong sense that we need to keep the wheel running. Funny as it may sound but in a world of spiraling consumerism, one has to secure provisions taken from the world of consumerism itself.

Our leaders deliver the goods to people and the people takes care of our leaders. At the same time, our leader takes care of our people and the people deliver the goods to our leaders.

Everything is a cycle, no one lives for self, we all live for one another. Trying to amass and hoard the wealth that is intended for the well being of the people produces a ricochet that breaks loose all hell.

8. Organizationally Inclined.

When we are born we got nothing. And as we grow we pick everything along the way, taking into ourselves what aligns with us and throwing everything else.

As a grown person, we implicitly reveal to the world what we are made of through our unguarded actions. As a result, the hiring personnel sitting in front of you is able to decipher whether you are of any use to their organization. And this one is important, because if they cannot figure out where you are coming from, chances are that they will look for other candidates. So be true to yourself!

At bremboy, we don't discriminate people and we agnosticize credentials. If we can put you inside the organization and you can work reliably and dependably, or at least we can transform you into one, you are in.

Your willingness, mindfulness, passion, cooperation, faithfulness are the qualities that matters to us. It's what you are made off because what you are trying to produce out of what you know are most of the times harmful and can be manipulated.

9. Ensure survival of the weakest.

At bremboy, we do not redesign our people to be invincible or unfailing. We completely understand that doing so comes at a haughty cost, mostly corruption of mind. Instead, when training our people and dealing with others, we just be ourselves and stand firm on our grounds. We may be attacked and criticized but the words you will get from us remains authentic.

This poses vulnerabilities and threats towards our organization but as we mentioned before, our leaders are equipped with wisdom that outwits even the most of the cutting-edge techhnologies and we put our faith in them for our survival.

Knowing these  today, we can be sure tomorrow that although we might stumble again, somebody is going to give us a hand. Hence, we've got to focus solely on getting the job done.

10. Putting others before self.

Others is infinite self is finite. If one only works for self or for a small circle of influence you can be pretty successful if you have what it takes. But in the long run, this setup promotes division, retaliation, deceitfulness, corruption - all for the sake of the small circle of influence we are trying to protect.

If one, however, works taking into consideration the interest of the majority, the risk is most often than not, you'll be stuck accomplishing nothing because of the enormity of tasks while others have something else under their hood.

And so it is important that if one decided to become humanitarian, the rest of the people in an organization must align, otherwise, success will be far from reach. 

At bremboy, we cultivate our people to look for each other - having each others back. And that decisions be consummated only once everyones welfare has been taken into account.

11. Unyielding except against truth.

Bremboy are not mediocre people. You can be pretty sure that if our people stand on something they truly believe, they will fight for it with their life at stake even against the world, simply because it's at the core of their belief. But if at any point in time, they realize, they were at the wrong, then they take on the courage to admit mistake and that the necessary restorations be made outright.

That is why it's important that we influence our people to pursue truthful knowledge although how difficult a task this may sound so as to minimize the casualties of ignorance. 

12. Compassionate but Serious.

Human's are not machines, we cannot be automated. Inside every person are automated codes called dna that predefines our physicality from start to end. But inside our body are empty containers as well where we are free to allow any information we like. Often these informations get in the way of our predefined codes and if our faith are great, we can even overwrite these codes, logically or spiritually. You see our creator is wise enough to give us proofing against entities that tries to take advantage of us.

What's so special with humans is that the interaction of all the forces and information taking inside and outside of us produces a system of rebound and reflection that often self-modulate and trigger a variety of emotions enabling us to react appropriately to a certain stimulus, something that an artificial intelligence can never have. Quite a mouthful isn't it?

In a nutshell, humans are all-encompassing being while machines are self-contained isolated systems. You can be certain AI's can not rise against humans.

The point is compassion is not a coincidence or self inflicted  disease. It is one of the most valuable human accomplishment our creator wanted us to achieve. But the predefined codes inside us is also a proof that He wanted us to be serious as well when it comes to matters requiring special attention like our responsibilities and deliverables.

It is not a joke when God said that He created us in His own image. Being human is not at all easy thus, we need to overcome,  certain things in this life. No sleeping on the job please.

13. Cultivate respect.

Respect and promotion are two different things. Promotion is a function of qualification, thus, we put the most appropriate person into the position where the likelihood of success  is greater when compared with the others. There is always room for everyone's skill and aptitude but by default, a square peg must stay in the square hole and the round peg into the round hole if we are to resolve critical issues efficiently.

Now one can take on another role different from what is written inside our code and we respect people like that because they have summoned the courage to take a leap forward but be weary that the process is not easy. You will experience pain, failure, trials along the way but heaven helps the people who are faithful and so shall we.

Now respect gained from comrades is a passive authority in itself and is very life fulfilling. And when trying to advance our career, we recommend that we work out on the plethora of respect first or we will soon find ourselves wanting in the balance of our empty success.

14. We pass the baton.

Now the most tempting thing for a successful person or organization to do is to keep success formulas from among themselves so as to take advantage and control the world.

At bremboy, we evaluate and select credible people among us. One who is willing to carry the cross of leadership to redeem us from our misery and fragility. One who will stand firm for us at our most trying moment.

Then we empower that person or people with everything that we can to make them the people they need to become to lead righteously. We are always looking and looking for talents and characters whom we can entrust everything we know. And that person must be someone who is willing to look for another better than him.

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